Emergency Alert System (EAS) Glitch

On Sunday, February 24, at approximately 8:20 P.M. local time in Arizona, an Emergency Alert System (EAS) notification interrupted the Sunday Night Cartoons on MeTV+. However, there was a malfunction during the alert.

The initial SAME header and attention signals were broadcast normally, but the verbal message was garbled and played at an unusually fast speed. Following the message, the standard end-of-message signal that is digitally encoded appeared to be normal.

I attempted to hear the message by slowing down the audio in an editing program, yet the message remained distorted and suffered from excessive clipping.

Despite the distorted broadcast, I managed to discern fragments of the message, including the word “inches,” leading me to believe it was a weather-related alert. Nevertheless, I confirmed that there were no active weather alerts for my area or the surrounding regions at that time.

I wonder if this was a weekly test which went awry. At least this time it wasn’t telling me to “SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.”

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