First American Home Warranty: A Costly and Frustrating Gamble

Imagine you’ve just purchased your dream home, and you want to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Your realtor suggests a home warranty program, assuring you that it will cover major appliances, including the air conditioning, should anything break. It all sounds perfect – they’ll send a technician for a small service fee, and the home warranty covers all parts and labor costs. What could go wrong? After all, your home is your biggest investment, and you don’t want to worry about sudden, expensive repairs. So, you decide to sign up for a home warranty, specifically, First American Home Warranty.

For some, this might sound like a familiar scenario. But let me share my personal experience, which will make you think twice about trusting First American Home Warranty.

I wasn’t a first-time homebuyer when I signed up for First American Home Warranty in 2023. In fact, I had used their services back in 2006 when I owned a condo. Back then, the additional upfront cost seemed reasonable, and it did paid for itself during the first two years I had it. If an appliance couldn’t be repaired, they would replace it or offer a cash equivalent. It seemed like a good deal.

Fast forward to 2023, and I just purchased a new home in Arizona, with the same enthusiasm for First American Home Warranty. Little did I know that my renewed faith in their services would lead to a nightmarish experience.

Within the first month of signing up, my fridge displayed an error code, and the ice maker stopped working. I submitted a service request on September 23. A technician from Sears arrived on September 29, identified the issue, and scheduled a follow-up appointment for October 13. Despite the promise of a quick fix, things only went downhill from there.

The fridge still didn’t work properly after the technician’s visit. Now it wasn’t keeping food in safe temperatures at all. It at least worked as a fridge before the “repair.” My attempts to resolve the issue became a frustrating game of navigating through First American Home Warranty’s automated systems, which had replaced the once-reliable US-based customer service. The lack of urgency and their disregard for my scheduling preferences became increasingly apparent. By the time I secured a follow-up appointment for October 20 after they offered weekday ones and booked one initially for October 28, it had been almost a month without a working fridge.

October 20 came and the technician called and informed me this is a “collect call” service meaning I would pay for the service, not First American Home Warranty. I contacted First American Home Warranty to clarify the situation, but all I got was a promise of a response within 2-3 business days because they were not sure why this happened. It felt like they were stalling.

Frustration led me to purchase a new refrigerator from Best Buy, which was delivered on October 23. It was clear that relying on First American Home Warranty for the repair was futile. Between the appointments being scheduled on weekdays and appointments being incorrectly billed, it felt like they were stalling.

On the day of the new fridge delivery, I received a call from First American Home Warranty during which I expressed my frustration and requested the cancellation of the service order since the fridge would be hauled away by the delivery people. I also inquired about the cancellation of my contract and subsequently, I was transferred to the cancellations department, where I explained the entire situation once again. Unfortunately, the call was disconnected before I could confirm any monies due back if it was canceled or confirming the cancellation of my contract. As if to add insult to injury, shortly after I received a text message from Sears scheduling another appointment for October 25, which I immediately canceled.

Today, October 25, I received an email notification stating that my contract had been canceled, and I would receive a check for only $305.53 in 7 to 10 business days. When I contacted First American to express my dissatisfaction, they refused to undo the cancellation or provide a full refund.

Throughout this frustrating experience, First American Home Warranty showed no empathy for my situation. Their offer of a mere $75 for spoiled food and an appliance rental was a slap in the face. There was no sense of urgency or willingness to make things right when they had gone so terribly wrong.

So, where does this leave me? My message to you is clear: steer clear of First American Home Warranty. I’ve even sought assistance through my work’s legal insurance to resolve this consumer dispute. Given the time and hassle it would have taken to get the fridge repaired, I would have preferred a cash payout over repairs. However, First American Home Warranty seemed uninterested in making things right.

In conclusion, don’t be swayed by their promises or their name. Your home deserves better protection than what First American Home Warranty can provide.

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