A Journey Through Time and Grooves

Ah, the nostalgia of analog! There’s something magical about listening to music on vinyl records that digital formats just can’t replicate. If you’re a fan of synthwave—and vinyl—you’re in for a treat! I’ve been curating an ever-expanding collection of synthwave records, and I’d love to share it with you. You can also find these tracks on my playlist called Beyond the Horizon, so you’re welcome to join me in this retro-futuristic auditory adventure.

But let me back up a bit. My fascination with records isn’t a newfound passion; it’s a lifelong love affair. There was a time when records, cassettes, and compact discs harmoniously graced the shelves of music stores. I grew up in that era, and believe me when I say, the struggle was real—whether to go for the vinyl or the cassette, especially when records were often cheaper. Sometimes, the album I coveted was available exclusively on vinyl, making the decision that much easier.

Then came the seismic shift in the music industry. Records were pronounced “dead,” eclipsed by the new kid on the block: the compact disc. It wasn’t long before cassettes met a similar fate. But as they say, what goes around comes around. To the joy of audiophiles and collectors like me, vinyl has been resurrected from its analog ashes, enjoying a revival that defies the digital age we live in.

As I revel in the rebirth of records and continue to expand my collection, there’s a part of me that can’t help but feel a tinge of regret. Oh, how I wish I had preserved the vinyls of my youth! Those records, now considered classics, would have been a treasured part of my current collection.

But enough about the past. Let’s talk about the present. Synthwave has a special place in my heart and my vinyl library. Its mix of modern electronic rhythms with ’80s nostalgia is the perfect genre for vinyl—an amalgamation of old and new, just like the record itself. But what adds an extra layer of excitement to collecting synthwave records is the artistry that goes into the physical product. These aren’t just your standard black vinyl discs.

Often, synthwave records come in vibrant colors that perfectly match the aesthetic of the genre. Think pulsating purples, outrageous oranges, and psychedelic pinks. Some even glow in the dark, providing a neon spectacle that evokes the retro-futuristic vibe of synthwave music. And let’s not forget the splatter and marbled tones that make each record a unique piece of art. When you put one of these dazzling records on your turntable, you’re not just listening to music; you’re participating in a full-blown sensory experience that captivates both your eyes and ears.

Although my collection spans various genres, I must say that my synthwave records, with their vivid visuals and immersive soundscapes, hold a unique allure.

Vinyl records have made a triumphant return, and I couldn’t be happier to resume my role as a collector. This journey through the grooves and nostalgia of synthwave vinyl is a voyage I’m thrilled to be on, and you’re invited to come along. So dust off your turntable, put on your headphones, and let’s get lost in the hypnotic beats of synthwave.

But my deep-rooted appreciation for records goes beyond just the auditory experience. Being able to hold a physical representation of the music intensifies my connection to it in a way that a digital file simply can’t. It’s not just about owning a disc encased in an artistic sleeve; it’s about holding a piece of art that’s also a tactile piece of history.

The kinetic aspect adds another layer of allure. There’s a near-meditative joy in placing the vinyl on the turntable, gently lowering the needle, and watching it spin as the music comes to life. This ritualistic engagement is something you can’t replicate by merely opening a digital music player and hitting ‘play.’ In a world increasingly dominated by the intangible, records offer something real, something you can touch and feel—a sensory-rich experience that turns listening to music into a holistic event.

Records, with their grooves, textures, and physicality, just seem so much more real than their digital counterparts. As we journey together through the world of synthwave and vinyl collecting, let’s take a moment to appreciate not just the music, but the incredibly enriching experience that comes with it.

If you’re interested in pursuing my entire collection, it’s available for viewing on Discogs. And yes, it features more than just synthwave records. From rock classics to modern-day hits, there’s something for every music lover.

Artist TitleLabelCatalog#
2DCATFantastic VoyageNot On Label (2DCAT Self-released)CAT649835
A.L.I.S.O.NSpace Station Eye Witness Records (2)EWR004
Ace BuchannonThe Very Best OfRecord Club (4)none
ADMOAdmoEye Witness Records (2)EWR007
ADMOZero WaveEye Witness Records (2)EWR011
Arcade SummerArcade SummerTimeSlave RecordingsTSR70
BetamaxxLost FormatsLipstick Crush RecordsLCR002
BetamaxxLost In A DreamworldStarfield MusicSM008
BetamaxxSarajevoPerfect View RecordsPVR001
bl00dwaveDistanceMy Pet Flamingo MPF084
Decisive KoalaMotion MirageStratford Ct.SCR089
Decisive KoalaPolarityStratford Ct.SCR105
Desert Sand Feels Warm At Night &a= mp; IndyAdvantアストラルMy Pet FlamingoMPF077
Donny BenetMr ExperienceDot Dash, Remote ControlDASH064LPT
Droid BishopRebirth Of The MachineNot On Label (Droid Bishop Self-released)DROID-01
Eagle Eyed TigerSmile For The CameraStratford Ct.SC069
ED-209MercuryStratford Ct.SCR110
Euan EllisInfinityStratford Ct.SCR104
EyelinerBuy NowA Low HumHUM057
FM AttackThe Never EndingStarfield MusicSM015
FM-84AtlasElectronic Purification RecordsWAVE 012
Futurecop!The MovieTimeSlave RecordingsTSR20
Garth KnightGoliathElectric Dream Records, Lunar BoogieEDR053
GUNSHIPDark All DayHorsie In The Hedge LLPHITH008LPS
GUNSHIPGunshipHorsie In The Hedge LLPHITH003LPG
Hello MeteorAn Unfamiliar PlaceEye Witness Records (2)EWR022
Hello MeteorThe Coastal ObscureEye Witness Records (2)EWR021
Hello MeteorThe Coastal ObscureEye Witness Records (2)EWR021
Hotel PoolsFall ’18Stratford Ct.none
Hotel PoolsPalmscapesStratford Ct.SCR077
KalaxIIIElectronic Purification RecordsWAVE 054
KalaxKalaxNot On Label (Kalax Self-released)KAL002
KorizonData FireStratford Ct., Puget Sound CollectiveSCR117, PSC-026
L’AvenueClub TropezBeyond Music (7)BEYLP007
L’AvenueRivieraBeyond Music (7)BEYLP006
L’ImpératriceMataharimicroqlima, microqlimaQLIMA011, QLIMA011LP
LAUCircumstanceAztec Records (2)AZT0200V-TY
LazerhawkDreamriderRosso Corsa Records, Electric Dream RecordsEDR046
LazerhawkRedlineElectric Dream Records, Rosso Corsa RecordsEDR044
LazerhawkVisitorsElectric Dream Records, Rosso Corsa RecordsEDR051
Le MatosChronicles Of The Wasteland / Turbo Kid Original Motion Picture SoundtrackDeath Waltz Recording CompanyDW045
Lost YearsAmplifierRosso Corsa Records, Electronic Purification RecordsRC 005, WAVE 045
Lost YearsBlack WavesElectronic Purification Records, Rosso Corsa RecordsWAVE 041, none
Lost YearsPressureElectronic Purification RecordsWAVE 023
Lucy In DisguiseEndless EchoesTimeSlave RecordingsTSR92
LukHashWe Are StardustNewRetroWaveNRWR102
Luxe & LeisureResortMirrorgate MediaMGLL001V
Macintosh PlusFloral ShoppeOlde English Spelling Bee, PrismCorp, Beer On The RugOESB-92
Michael OakleyCalifornia (Deluxe)NewRetroWaveNRWR116
Michael OakleyOdysseyNewRetroWaveNRWR094
Midnight DangerChapter 2 (Endless Nightmare)NewRetroWaveNRWR074
Mitch MurderInterceptorMad DecentMAD-216
Mitch MurderThe Real DealDX SevenDX7001
Mitch MurderThen AgainMad DecentMAD515V
Morgan WillisDreamerOutland RecordingsORM003
Morgan WillisMiami CallingTimeSlave RecordingsTSR129
Morgan WillisSophie Teenage Dream (Collectors Edition)NewRetroWaveNRWR 115
Morgan WillisSupernovaTimeSlave RecordingsTSR34
Morgan WillisThe Jenkins HouseTimeSlave RecordingsTSR59
MorphoiceVinyl CityAztec Records (2)AZT0140V-PS
NØVMBRTeleVisionsPuget Sound Collective, Stratford Ct.PSC003, SCR107
NØVMBRTeleVisionsPuget Sound Collective, Stratford Ct.PSC003, SCR107
Nina BoldtSynthianAztec Records (2)AZT0063V-CM
NitewindNite Tapes DeluxeStratford Ct.SC066
Ollie WrideOnce In A Lifetime (Live From Lafayette)Nucleus Music (2), NRW Records (2)none, NRWR112
RosentwigRosentwigEye Witness Records (2)EWR010
Saint PepsiWinner’s CircleMy Pet FlamingoMPF089
Sellorekt/LA DreamsCherry ViceNeon Retro RecordsNEONRR064
Sellorekt/LA DreamsMaxiomNeon Retro RecordsNEONRR077
Sellorekt/LA DreamsStatic ShockLipstick Crush RecordsLCR003
ShadowrunnerThe StrangerRed Manor RecordsSR002RMRVS
STRNGR & DestryurNight At The Grindhouse: Pt. IINewRetroWave NRWR113
Sunglasses KidGraduationAztec Records (2)AZT0030V
The MidnightHeroes Counter Records, Counter RecordsCOUNT234X, COUNT234XG
The MidnightKidsNot On Label (The Midnight (2) Self-released)MDNT004
The MidnightMonstersCounter RecordsCOUNT198PC
The MidnightNocturnalNot On Label (The Midnight (2) Self-released)MDNT003
The MidnightRed, White and Bruised: The Midnight LiveCounter RecordsCOUNT253
The Midnight With Magik*Magik Orch= estraThe Rearview MirrorNot On Label (The Midnight (2) Self-released)none
Thought BeingsNeon BeachAztec Records (2)AZT0098V
Tomoya OhtaniSonic Frontiers – The Music Of Starfall IslandsData DiscsDATA-F
Turbo Knight, EdictumAthenaNot on Label (Edictum Self-Released)AV 23 – 748
TychoEpochGhostly InternationalGI-279 LP
Vincenzo SalviaAuto RadioLipstick Crush RecordsLCR001
Volt AgeVolt AgeRecord Club (4)RC006
VoyageSecond LightStratford Ct.SCR118
WaveshaperArtifactElectronic Purification RecordsWAVE 053
WaveshaperVelocityElectronic Purification RecordsWave 011
Windows彡96Magic Peaks100% Electronica139P
Zenith VoltTimekeeperAztec Records (2)AZT0115V-TR

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