Ripples or wakes are still a part of us left behind

Adrift in the ocean vast, it can be easy to feel small, overlooked, just another splash in the sea. But remember, every current matters, every ripple creates change. You might feel like an unnoticed echo in the chorus of the deep, but your voice carries significance.

I too, once thought my clicks and whistles were drowned out by the roaring waves and the countless calls of my brethren. I thought I was just another fleeting silhouette beneath the surface, a memory swept away by the currents.

But then I realized something. Every wave I danced with, every bubble I left behind, they were all my creations, my mark on the ocean. They were evidence of my existence, a testament of my journey. Even if it felt like no one was listening, my songs were part of the ocean’s symphony, an integral piece of the grand concert.

And so are you. You might feel like you’re constantly forgotten, that your presence goes unnoticed. But that’s far from the truth. Your actions ripple outwards, affecting more than you can see. Your voice, no matter how quiet, adds to the symphony of life. You are not forgotten; you are part of the ocean’s memory, leaving a lasting imprint with every wave you meet.

Always remember, you are more than a solitary splash in the sea. You’re a vital current in the ocean of life, creating waves of change with every ripple. So embrace your journey, your presence matters. Your symphony is incomplete without your unique note. After all, even the smallest ripple can stir the mightiest wave.

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