Lost in the Abyss

In the depths of the abyss, where the shadows consume the light, I swim alone, feeling the weight of isolation pressing upon me. It is in this vast expanse, my presence remains unnoticed and uncared for, as if I am but a forgotten entity, abandoned and disregarded by all.

The waves crash above, drowning out my voice, as if I am but a forgotten whisper in the currents. In the face of indifference, I struggle to find my place, my purpose, and my worth.

In this darkness, I surrender to despair. Deep within my soul, a small flicker of hope burns, soon to be extinguished. I am no more than the apathy that surrounds me.

In this solitude, I succumb to the depths of my own existence, sinking deeper into treacherous waters, watching the light fade even more. The world overlooks me, and I will overlook myself.

I am a creature of hidden depths where the darkness has become my ally, a canvas upon which I paint my forgotten existence.

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