Feeding More Spam to MidJourney AI

Alright, folks! Hold on to your inboxes, because we’re about to dive into another delicious serving of spam! And who better to help us digest this questionable cuisine than MidJourney, the AI-powered spam-taster extraordinaire?

If you’re feeling a little lost in this spam-filled world, fear not! Just take a quick peek at the previous post, “Reviving the Legacy of Spamusement with AI Spam,” and you’ll be up to speed in no time.

But back to the main course – I can practically hear the spam sloshing around in my mailbox as we speak! So let’s get this show on the road and see what kind of culinary calamity MidJourney will serve up for us today. Bon app├ętit!

A human sized lizard monster creature with spikes along its arms and head, fangs, and claws delivering a package in an alleyway.
A chameleon with red eyes and tufts of red fur behind the eyes on the head. Wearing a military style helmet with nails and a leather vest.
Hi gerronimo New message from IrenaSmiles
A half owl-half hawk looks at you while in a room adorned with wood paneling and frosted windows. There is some gibberish text at the bottom: Ben Bcoil Aissci Olesl Y Oeeil?
You’ve been chosen !
What appears to be a yellow and white space craft is in mid-tumble across a barren landscape with pieces falling off.
Re: Urgent Please.
This looks like a small McDonald's booth with a large clown head with a bone shaped yellow nose turned vertical. The paint on the chin is melting off onto the counter of the kiosk. It has a wide unsettling grin with red lipstick, visible upper teeth, and visible tongue. There is a drink cup on the left of the counter. Below the counter is a red, yellow, and blue logo which is in the shape of umbrella canopies. There is a yellow box of fries in the center. On the right a word "Daidlom" in printed. Overall the kiosk looks distressed, possibly abandoned.
A McDonald’s Fan’s Dream Come True
A human-sized insect, from the order blattodea, sits on a park bench in front of windows cuddling a man wearing a blue hoodie and khaki pants holding a cup of coffee. Through the windows are various people.
Hi gerronimo Dating Request MikeHuggyBuggie

Until my next spam delivery, this is where I bid you adieu.

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