Reviving the Legacy of Spamusement with AI Spam

In the early 2000s, web comic creator Steven Frank came up with an innovative concept that took the internet by storm. Frank’s web comic, Spamusement, was inspired by the ridiculous and absurd subject lines of spam emails. He transformed these subject lines into single-panel comics, resulting in hilarious and often nonsensical scenarios.

One of the most memorable Spamusement comics featured a masked swordsman, resembling Zorro, standing off against a filing cabinet donning a sombrero, bandolier, and mustache. The subject line of the spam email that inspired this comic was “you were wrong cabinet Sanchez.”

Although the Spamusement website has been offline for years, some of the comics can still be found scattered throughout the internet. What made Spamusement particularly unique was the ability for viewers to submit their own comic ideas based on spam email subject lines. One such submission came from myself who turned the subject line “Hi! Look at my stomach devil” into a crudely drawn piece of MS Paint art, featuring a person pointing to their stomach with pride, revealing a tattoo of a devil.

Fast forward to today’s technological advancements, and with the emergence of AI-powered image generators, such as Dall-E and MidJourney, the possibilities for creating bizarre and entertaining comics are endless.

Inspired by Spamusement, I decided to take the idea but make it AI Spam. By inputting spam email subject lines into MidJourney, AI-generated images can be produced, providing endless opportunities for humorous and unexpected scenarios.

Who knows what kind of ridiculous images MidJourney can come up with using these spam subject lines?

Wait, this is a typo right?
Blood Pressure: Do You See Floaters When You Get Up? (Do This Immediately)
dolfin, Soft manhood? Just Do THIS…
URGENT: Someone have Run a Background-check on Your (Public Records) Tape Your Name & See Results Yourself! N°280247
New Knee Sleeve Is Helping Millions Turn Back The Clock On Aging Knees
dolfin, I want to be with you, how about you?
Мы соскучились Для вас промокод на скидку −15% (We missed you For you, a promo code for a discount of 15%
*The Russian text is the same as the English text
Hi dolfin, You have been selected to get an exclusive reward!
Last chance for the Holographic sale!
功栄|横浜市で外壁塗装、屋根塗装をするなら一級塗装技能士在中の塗装専門店で Re: cejg530m
Google Translate: Koei | If you want to paint exterior walls and roofs in Yokohama, go to a painting specialty store with a first-class painting technician Re: cejg530m
Add THIS to coffee or tea to kill constipation…

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