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Mel Blanc Associates Presents SUPERFUN

This is an interesting record from Mel Blanc Associates. For those who aren’t familiar who Mel Blanc was, he was the voice of many of the Looney Tunes characters.

Here is a description from the record sleeve:
SUPERFUIN fills this existing void. It is the most ambitious radio comedy project ever undertaken. Each subscribing station becomes, at once, the prime source of humor in its market…whether the market is Los Angeles, California or East Liverpool, Ohio. One reason for this is SUPERFUN’S scope; the initial service alone fills nine twelve-inch discs. Equally important, by virtue of its unique design and execution, SUPERFUN belongs to you alone in your market, not to us. The writers, producers and performers are to your listeners, anonymous.

A radio station could subscribe to this service and receive the record to play on the air. Another interesting excerpt from the record sleeve is this part: “…no one station in a market has their exclusive usage and the one or two really funny albums released each year become overexposed.” I am not sure how the same could not be said about these records if any radio station could subscribe to this service.

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