Muro Box – An app controlled music box

I backed this project on Indiegogo and it was one which didn’t fall through. It is such a lovely looking device with its dark wood grain base, clear dome showing the mechanics inside, and simple controls on the back. It has two USB-C ports; one for power and the other for MIDI. When the app is connect, the music box plays melodies using a 20-note scale. The app allows users to import MIDI files, browse a library of other user’s creations, or create their own by virtually punching out the holes. The songs can be added to a user library and then added to a play schedule.

During the campaign, the backer could request an arrangement be made of any song for their Muro Box. I chose Reach for the Stars from Sonic Colors.

If you are interested in learning more, check out the Muro Box page.

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