New YouTube Video – Music That Moves Merchandise

Presented here is another record containing advertisements. This one is different because instead of being for only one product or service it has advertisements for Hollywood Park, Disneyland Hotel, KBIG-AM Catalina Island, Regal Pale, and others.

Based on the companies on the record and the time of their exstance, if they’re now defunct, it puts this record somewhere between late 1955 to 1959.

What drove me to acquire this record was the advertisement for The Disneyland Hotel. During this period, The Disneyland Hotel was not built by WED because Walt Disney had ran out of funding building Disneyland. The hotel was built by Jack Wrather (Wrather Corporation). Seeing how successful the hotel was alongside the park, I can’t imagine an advertisement needed to drive customers to the hotel. The Walt Disney Company would acquire The Disneyland Hotel in 1987 after Jack Wrather passed away in 1984. Before the three towers were named, they were called the Sierra, Marina, and Bonita. The Bonita was named after Jack’s wife and actress Bonita Granville.

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