New Vinyl Tuesday

It’s new vinyl Tuesday! A day where I share what I received in the mail.

Let’s kick things off with my latest synthwave / chillwave / retrowave additions.

NØVMBR – TeleVisions (“Green Screen”)
Hello Meteor – The Coastal Obscure (“Coke Bottle”)
Lazerhawk – Dreamrider
Kalax – Kalax (“Aqua Blue / Black”)
2DCAT – Fantastic Voyage

I also got some They Might Be Giants

Apollo 18 (“Picture Disc”)
I Like Fun

KRAFTWERK – Computer World

Since Christmas is coming, I added some Christmas music.
Michael Bublé – Christmas
A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra
Bing Crosby – Merry Christmas

That’s not all for the Christmas music. I went on eBay and found some promotional or advertising Christmas records as well. These are all from the RCA Special Products division and start with the code DPL1

A Christmas Treasury of Classics from Avon
The Stars of Christmas Selected Especially for Avon
True Value Hardware Stores – Happy Holidays Volume 10
True Value Hardware Stores – Happy Holidays 20th Anniversary Edition
Celebrate the Season with Tupperware

Lastly I picked up some other promotional or advertising records

Pan Am – The Name of the Game is Go
Pepsi-Cola – 1970 Radio Spots
(Unfortunately this is only one of a three disc set)
Mister Magoo Presents Music to Sell Bulbs By

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel since I will be recording the advertising records and making them available online.

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