85 Days since I’ve been knocked off Twitter

85 days without a response from Twitter. No case number. No reply to any of the forms filled out. No response to any of the appeals.

What I noticed while I used my bot account to access Twitter is the @TwitterSupport really picks and chooses who they respond to and their replies are canned asking for a case number and then a response that they will send it off to their larger team. But there is never any follow-up after that. I looked through some of the accounts which have received a reply but they still haven’t receive any actual response other than that false hope that @TwitterSupport might now actually be looking at their case.

Other people, even some verified accounts wither large followers, have even quote tweeted my situation. But still Twitter has not responded.

I was curious if anyone else has Tweeted the phone number which got me into this situation so I searched for 718-238-9901 and there are four results, one dating back as far as 2013. It is curious how my Tweet got flagged immediately for sharing personal information yet these other Tweets remained.

Each appeal I submit, each support request I submit I remind Twitter that this phone number does not belong to a person. It is publicly listed. However, each time I go to cancel my appeal it says if I like to admit that I was in the wrong I may cancel the appeal and delete the Tweet to regain access to my account. However, I do not see this option when I cancel the appeal. The only option I have is to appeal again. I have seen screen shots of where there should be the big red delete button, but I do not get this option. I tried a different approach with Twitter as a normal support case because of this technical error but again still no response from Twitter.

What this comes down to is why is Twitter ignoring myself, and others, who get caught up in this net and why is there no suitable means of recourse other than to create a new account. That has been asked to me by others, but unfortunately the API keys which run my @DolfinWX Twitter account are tied to the @FinnleyDolfin account that I am locked out of. I could try to request new API keys but last time it took a good three months before I could get those API keys.

That’s all for this update. I will probably post another one when I hit 100 days if there’s anything significant to report. In the mean time I thank those of you who have retweeted, quote tweeted, and flat out asked @TwitterSupport, @Twitter, and @TwitterSafety why they have not let me back on. I also continue to add to my pinned tweet on @DolfinWX for smaller updates as I find them. Also I added an AI bot to that account as well and sometimes it Tweets some really off the wall stuff. I may dedicate a page of some of the more absurd things it comes up with here.

Until next time.

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