The Enigma of Twitter: 85 Days Without a Response

For the past 85 days, I have received no response from Twitter. There’s no case number, no acknowledgment of the forms I’ve filled out, and no reply to any of my appeals.

During this time, I’ve observed that @TwitterSupport seems selective in responding to users, often using canned responses that request a case number, followed by a vague promise to forward the issue to their larger team. Unfortunately, there’s rarely any follow-up beyond this initial interaction. I’ve also noticed that some users, despite receiving a response, still haven’t received a substantive resolution to their issues, leaving them with little more than false hope that @TwitterSupport is actively addressing their concerns.

Interestingly, several individuals, including some with verified accounts and substantial followings, have publicly commented on my situation via quote tweets, yet Twitter has remained unresponsive.

Curiously, my tweet sharing the phone number 718-238-9901 led to the suspension of my account, citing the sharing of personal information as the reason. However, a search for the same phone number reveals four other instances of tweets dating as far back as 2013 that have not been flagged or removed.

In each appeal and support request I’ve submitted, I’ve emphasized that the phone number in question is publicly listed and does not belong to an individual. However, when attempting to cancel my appeal, I’ve encountered a technical issue. The system prompts me to admit fault, delete the tweet, and regain access to my account, but the “big red delete button” is conspicuously absent, leaving me with no other option but to appeal once again. I’ve attempted a different approach by treating my situation as a standard support case, but Twitter has still not responded.

The central question that arises from this situation is why Twitter appears to be ignoring not only me but also others caught in a similar predicament. Furthermore, why does there seem to be no effective recourse other than creating a new account? Some have suggested this course of action, but my @DolfinWX Twitter account is intricately tied to the @FinnleyDolfin account I am currently locked out of. While requesting new API keys is an option, it has historically taken a lengthy three months to obtain them.

That concludes this update. If there are any significant developments, I will post another update when I reach the 100-day mark. In the meantime, I express my gratitude to those who have retweeted, quote tweeted, and inquired directly with @TwitterSupport, @Twitter, and @TwitterSafety about the status of my account reinstatement. I will continue to provide smaller updates in my pinned tweet on @DolfinWX. Additionally, I have introduced an AI bot to that account, which occasionally generates unconventional content. I may consider dedicating a page to showcase some of the more peculiar creations.

Until next time.

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