Budsies – Final Update – It Arrived

It arrived! Overall first impressions is they did a good job with the main concept. It is larger than I expected and the fabrics used are nice and soft. The body shapes are there and you can tell it is me.

So without further ado, here’s plush Finnley Dolfin

There are a couple of misses however. There’s no blowhole on the back of the head which was included in my description and the dorsal fin has no stuffing so it’s loose and floppy. The head is still a bit more round than I would have liked.

With that said, I really love this. I plan to get matching shirts so if I ever go to another furcon we can go in style.

I am also pleased with the service I received with Budsies. This is perfect for someone who doesn’t have a lot to spend for an actual plush maker in the fur community who charges thousands of dollars for one of a similar size.

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