Budsies – Update 5 – Sneak Peak

Today I received my first sneak peak of my plush. The introduction in the email says the designers, pattern makers, and seamstresses have finished making it.

There are four photos: front, side, back, and a shot of my tail. I can’t include these photos because this isn’t the final product, I hope. I am offered the opportunity to either accept the design as is or reject with changes. Unfortunately I have to select the option to reject with changes.

I feel like there were some big misses on how the design was interpreted from my description. Most of the “weight” is in the back creating curves on the back while the stomach and chest is flat. It is so much that looking it from the side it almost looks like it was assembled backwards. The tail looks like it is tacked on to the rear instead of being more part of the body. The head looks like a ball stuck to the top. The arms also look more attached to the side instead of being part of the body.

I wait a few hours to make sure I’ve covered everything before replying and sent my requested changes back.

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