Budsies – Update 1

I responded to the email and read over all the information. I opted for the larger size and preview photos. I selected my SFW reference image, an early commissioned artwork, and a photo of myself to give an idea of what I look like. I tried to be as thorough as possible when providing a description so this is what I wrote:

Damaged Dolphin is an anthropomorphic dusky dolphin. The three primary colors are dark grey, medium grey, and very light grey.

The very light grey starts from the lower part of the rostrum and covers the chest, belly, and groin and underside of the tail. The rest of the body is covered in dark grey except for the blazes.

The blazes are a medium grey which start at both sides of the body just above the hip and travel upwards towards the shoulders and continue up the neck and the side of the head then curve just into the tops of the eyes on the forehead. The blaze also comes forward and creates a small point on the collar bone. There are also two curved chevron shaped blazes on the side of the thighs. The upper most point of the tip is just below the hip and it splits and travels down the thighs stopping just above the knees. There is also a blaze on the trailing edge of the dorsal fin which goes from tip to where the fin meets the back.

He is overweight so he has a belly which sags a bit above the groin and has thicker legs, thighs, arms, etc. He has green eyes and his original design did not have pupils, but was later redesigned to include pupils when the fursuit was created which I would like to include.

His blow hole is located on the back of the head just above the neck. Hands and feet are human shaped but are webbed to make it easier for swimming. The toes are not not that well defined and are more stubs than actual toes. Fingers are normal length like human and webbed at the second knuckle. I think that it is and I really hope the pictured included provide good reference to my description.

I figured that a lot of the detail would be lost because of how a plush is shaped but I figure it’s good to have it none the less. I was worried after submitting this that it would be left up to interpretation especially on the colors. I hope the photos will fill in the gaps.

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